Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guatemala - part two

- the House

this was not your typical house

 for one thing - that I mentioned before
it was on a steep slope
 but the views were amazing

from every room

the water changed colors with the light

 the clouds were constantly changing the volcano

 the datura plants were very large and in the evening
on the porch
you could not escape their sweet sultry odor

 the yard was full of flowers

the house too

you wouldn't think so in August
but one rainy morning a fire was just the right thing

the weather was lovely - spring like
a nice break from the heat of Florida

- the Neighborhood

did I mention it was steep....

there was a trail from our "valley"

 over the mountain to the next

 "valley" of Santa Cruz

 it was a pleasant 20 minute walk 
and so nice to not have cars or vehicles to contend with

large stands of bamboo on the way

 at the end of the trail is a very nice resturant

with a great view

and a nice market on Saturdays

 if you are too tired to hike back
you can take a boat to the dock
below the house

 not the boat in the front - the blue ones with the roof.....

or walk along the water

crazy thing but the water in the lake is up like 50'
the lake has no natural drainage and with development,
farming and deforestation the lake is filling up....

and so they built all these walkways

this was the only little beach from Santa Cruz to our dock

 again - there were flowers growing wild everywhere
along the path

and coffee was growing everywhere too

the town of Santa Cruz was up the hill from the lake

way up from the lake

 there was a small church

with an amazing collection of very old
carved statues 

 walking up was hard

walking down - much easier

 the lake could be quite stormy

 there were no boats stopping this night
so back up the hill with all our stuff

next day

bags packed

totally calm - the lake and us,
 we headed into town

- the Town - Panajachel

part three.......

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